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San Angelo's Bed Bug Eliminator & Pest Control Experts

San Angelo Pest Control - The Bug Guys

Are High Prices Bugging You? We Are The Lowest Prices Around.

With over 40 combined years, Don Kennedy and Vern Gant have provided unparalleled services for San Angelo and the surrounding communities of the Concho Valley. We offer residential and commercial pest control to eliminate the pests that infest local West Texas homes and businesses. Our top priority is customer care by providing quality services at a fair price!

When you call Bug Guys Pest Control, you are not only hiring a San Angelo pest service company to help with your current issues. You are hiring a team of professional pest exterminators that will help manage any pest issues that you or your family may encounter in or around your home. As a family-owned and run business, we take pride in assuring that we use the best products and the latest treatment methods to help deliver great results. Proudly serving residents and commercial lots of any size. Give us a call to see our pest control San Angelo services in action.

$125one time

One time service includes:

Service to your home/property once.

Covers most common pests: Ants, Roaches, spiders, scorpions, Mice, Rats, Crickets, Fleas, and Ticks.

Excludes Bed Bugs and German Roaches (Kitchen Roach)

Large Homes and Lots May Incur Extra Charges.

[$125 one time]

$60+ $125 one-time startup fee

Monthly service includes:

Service to your home/property once every month for the duration of payment.

Covers most common pests: Ants, Roaches, spiders, scorpions, Mice, Rats, Crickets, Fleas, and Ticks.

Excludes Bed Bugs and German Roaches (Kitchen Roach)

Large Homes and Lots May Incur Extra Charges.

[$125 then $60/monthly]

$75+ $125 one-time startup fee

Bi-monthly service includes:

Service to your home/property once every other month for the duration of payment.

Covers most common pests: Ants, Roaches, spiders, scorpions, Mice, Rats, Crickets, Fleas, and Ticks.

Excludes Bed Bugs and German Roaches (Kitchen Roach)

Large Homes and Lots May Incur Extra Charges.

[$125 then $75/every 2 months]

Your San Angelo General Pest Control Experts

San Angelo, located in the heart of Texas, includes some of the most experienced technicians in the pest control industry. Since our commitment to our customers extends to any and all aspects of our organization, we feel we have the right to make that bold claim. Keeping customers satisfied is the most important part of our business, which is why we treat each one of them like they are the only customers we have. Our team will work alongside you throughout your entire project, so you know that we have your best interests at heart. Learn more about the Texas mosquito population.

When you contact Bug Guys Pest Control, you are not only engaging an efficient pest control company in San Angelo to handle your current problems. You are hiring a pest control company that will have a team of professional exterminators handle any pest problems that you or your family might encounter in your home. In particular, as a family-owned and operated business, we are proud to use the best products and treatments to achieve the best results. Service to residents as well as businesses, no matter the size. Feel free to call us for more information on San Angelo pest control services.

Indoor Pest Control

A child-safe & pet-safe product will be used for baseboard treatment as well as on the outside of the house. Even though ants and cockroaches aren’t aware the product is there, they will cross the treated areas repeatedly. Expansion joints, foundation cracks, and small cracks around plumbing provide all pests with entry points to your home. By applying long-lasting protection on cracks and crevices deep within your home for years to come, Bug Guys Pest Control will have your home free of pests. Pest management is only effective if baits are placed and sprayed strategically. To ensure your home is free of pests, our service technicians will use a variety of baiting methods.

Outdoor Pest Control

Residual products will be applied to the outside foundation of the house in order to ensure long-term protection. With the power spray, a wide variety of pests will be knocked down immediately. Perimeter granulation has been incorporated into our service in order to achieve long-lasting perimeter protection. Your home’s perimeter structure and flowerbeds will be treated with regular granulation to ward off a variety of pests from approaching your home as well as to control the fire ants in your yard.

Accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB)

Bug Guys Pest Control is proud to announce our accreditation by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). This prestigious recognition reflects our commitment to excellence, integrity, and customer satisfaction. Through our dedication to providing high-quality pest control services and our adherence to BBB’s standards of trust, we have earned this esteemed accreditation. When you choose Bug Guys Pest Control, you can trust that you’re working with a reputable and trustworthy partner in pest management.

San Angelo Pest Control Frequently Asked Questions

Other pest control companies may charge more for all the different types of pests. However, our services are no different. Our guarantee covers all the possible bugs and errors that may occur throughout the lifetime of the user. Besides providing you with standard pest control, we offer you four additional services that go beyond general pest control. This includes infestations such as bed bugs, mosquitoes, termites, and bees.

How long after the initial treatment does it take to see results?

Results can vary widely depending upon the insect and the pest management strategy used, but in most cases results are quick and long-lasting. In addition to controlling pests, the service agreement will prevent them from coming back, and help keep them out of your house permanently. The Bug Guys will be there if bugs appear – at no additional cost; Guaranteed!

Why are baits more effective than sprays?

In many cases, spray products cannot work if they do not contact the target insect. But baits work on the bugs you can see and the ones you can’t see. For example, ants spread the bait throughout their colony by bringing it back to their nest. That leads to a much more effective pest control system with results you can see for yourself.

Why does it take more than one treatment for fleas, ticks, and bed bugs?

In contrast to other targeted species, fleas, ticks, and bedbugs have different life cycles. At certain times of their developmental cycle, they do not succumb to treatments, so we have to “catch” them during these periods where they dormant so that we can attain management.

My home is built on a concrete slab, so do I still need to worry about termites?

In the case of termites, it doesn’t matter if your home or office is constructed from concrete block or if it sits on a concrete slab without wood contacting the ground. Once inside, subterranean termites are difficult to detect until significant damage has been done.

The subterranean termite can travel through your home for long distances. It is very unlikely that you will see them ever since they usually only swarm once a year. Their tunnels can be many feet in length, eating their way through wood that has been pretreated with preservatives.

The good news is that The Bug Guys termite treatments can prevent all of this from happening. Preventive treatments prevent termites from entering your home. More importantly, our termite services are so effective that we offer a $1,000,000 subterranean termite damage warranty!

Why should I be on a San Angelo Pest Control monthly program when I no longer seem to have pests?

When we compare it with driving a car, if we don’t keep up regular maintenance then eventually the car will breakdown and we’ll have problems.

The same goes for pest activity. We provide preventative maintenance for your home to prevent pest issues from occurring. It’s not uncommon for pests to emerge all year round in the warm climate of west Texas. The Bug Guys services your property routinely for pest problems, so when you think they are solved, it is only a result of the scheduled pest maintenance. Without regular maintenance, you’d have pest problems again.

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